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Ever felt like doing business has literally changed? that’s right. you can start a business at a low to no cost at all.

What if i told you that you can plug-in into our system and start your own digital marketing business without doing the actual work, yes we do all the work. You only charge clients with your mark-up and outsource the service to webcanival.com, this is called drop servicing. Think of it as a franchise.

Someone next you needs a website design, business branding, e-commerce services, social media marketing, SEO services, digital graphics and other marketing products and services, you can make money by helping them. sign up and becoming a reseller of our services and products. we do all the work you only find customers plus your guaranteed 20% profit when a customer buys a package directly online, yes, that’s real, you make profit twice by using us to serve your customers.

webcanival.com and get a free promotional material and a kick off strategy road-map.

This membership program was selling at R10 000 and it has since been down-priced to a limited special of R499 ONLY

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from 20% Commission for Drop Servicing

Earn from 20% for every sale made through your affiliate link on the webcanival site or offline. webcanival is a digital marketing agency selling digital marketing products and services, working with partners help to expand the pie and share our profits with our community or digital marketers and small business owners!

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Our top affiliate partners earn more incentives and benefits, There’s more stuff for  our partnership program

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Our top Affiliates get to Win some vacation packages, travel, stay and eat for FREE, travel for business and for fun. FREE tickets to our monthly events, speak to a support team for more

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More cash in, Webcanival Affiliates stand a chance to win cash in bonuses, extra commissions to high performing drop service partners, more prices for grab

Drop Servicing Program

Sign up, become a member of webcanival drop servicing program, you sell webcanival products and services and have webcanival provide the service on your behalf

Frequently asked questions

As soon as you sign up and create a profile, you will be automatically be directed to your profile, support team will be right in your email to get you started with all you need. sign here

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing another person’s or company’s products. The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

Drop servicing is the practice of selling a service to a customer for a certain price (say $100). Then hiring someone else to provide the service for the client at a lower price ($50), and pocketing the difference without the client knowing you outsourced the project.

Drop servicing is also known as “service arbitrage.” You can arbitrage the price difference between what a client is willing to pay for the service and what someone is willing to get paid to perform the service.

affiliate program” or “associate program” is a relationship in which a merchant pays you (the “affiliate”) for links from your site to his site. Usually, the affiliate is paid only when an actual sale is made by the merchant as a result of your link. In case of webcanival drop servicing, you will be promoting and pitching services to your clients and outsource the work to webcanival, earning both ways, putting your mark up on your pricing and through webcanival 20% commission when client buys directly online using your affiliate link. 

A super affiliate is someone who has built a thriving and influential affiliate business and consistently drives a large majority of the sales from any program they promote, compared to other affiliate partners involved in the program. They make a large income from affiliate marketing, which is usually in the range of five or six figures. at this point our partners become our most valuable associates

You will have a private affiliate dashboard that has all your links and product description, promotional assets and access to our private forum

It takes 30 days to receive your payouts each an every month. for offline sales you get paid anytime you submit your sale to the sales team, however the 20% commission do not apply. Webcannival use PayPal, PayFast, Stripe and Bank EFT to pay affiliates and partners where is due. all sales are automatically recorded in the affiliate’s dashboard

After a client has purchased their marketing package or web design package, your next step is to make another sale, the rest is handled by the support team.

Sign up for your drop service affiliate account by clinking the Sign up button. use your best email. get login credentials, grab your link in the dashboard area and start sharing. To learn more about digital marketing strategies visit our blog or take up a digital marketing course with creep

It doesn’t matter your country. you can sign up for webcanival drop servicing affiliate program from anywhere in the world. 

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