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Digital Skills that work

The course is for everyone who wants to learn Digital marketing skills. Also, anyone who wants to work from home and make income online. we will cover all the basics of online marketing and the latest trends. The right tools and the right strategies.

Online marketing is a must-have skill. This course is designed for beginners and start-up businesses. If you are looking to equip yourself with online marketing and digital business development skills, this is the course for you, duration is up to two months with Lemo digital lab

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The lemo digital lab has produced many credible players in the digital marketing world, brands like spidermark, avios, martin money and more 

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Study at your confort and only attebd class when you choose to, this short course is designed for people on the move, duration of two months max


Online Marketer, Digital Consultant, Cloud Marketing, Mobile Marketing, SEO Specialist, WordPress Developer, Social Media Marketer, Digital Product Developer

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Get certified for digital marketing competency and ready for work skills, the certificate subject to completion of all modules and tasks, SEO certified specialist

What you will learn

We provide opportunities to succeed

WordPress, Search Engine Optimization – Advanced knowledge on SEO techniques and how to analyze your web analytics. Paid (PPC) – Best practice on how to design search and display paid advertising on Google’s advertising platform. 

Social Media Marketing – Email Marketing – Mobile Marketing – Digital Marketing Strategy – Digital Copy Writing – Content Marketing – Project management – Marketing Management –Brand Management Principles – Introduction to WordPress…

MAIN Careers
Best DIGITAL careers for the future


Design and implement websites for companies using WordPress creation tool. front end and back end development, themes, plugins & APIs


Planing, creating, and sharing of valuable content to attract and convert prospects into customers and customers into repeat buyers, working with content management tools


Manage Internet Pay Per Click advertising campaigns including the strategies, design, implementation, SEO, and analysis of Ad performance, Keyword Research


Brabd awareness and lead generation through all the digital channels – both free and paid. Social Media, websites, search engines rankings, email, display ads, blogs and Google Adwords


Create content, text posts, video and images for use on social media. Promoting products, services and content over social media, content scheduling, working with scheduling tools and content management tools


Apply traditional brand management principles to customer experience across multiple digital media. social media, Apps, and websites, customer engagement & feedback, working with brand management tools 

Learn digital marketing from the best, practical skills that work, Lemo digital lab marketing tricks are tried and tested


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Study at home with all the necessary tools and materials, attend classes on voluntary

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At Lemo, we focus on skills that work, knowledge, and marketplace applicable ideas, digital marketing is the most in-demand skill in the markets and with our credible tutors, we know what works and what doesn’t. book your class today


Digital Skills for the future
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Digital Skills that work
I got my digital marketing skills from Lemo and it ha changed my life for the better, I now work from home with companies who need digital marketing services like SEO, Lemo is the best

Salome Soga

Lemo student

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Join the tribe that will push you to achieve and expand your potential, our culture is simple, learn, earn and return


Student are expected to focus and complete their modules as instructed

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Lemo is interested in social transformation, our skills shall be put to good use


We are happy to work with all people in their diverse differences, we don't really care


Our support staff is always standing by to support students and to give any assistance needed


Our fees are tailored for beginners and start-ups, that guarantees very affordable fees

Digital Marketing Course

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